Paper or Plastic or both?

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I'm Heather!
Sometimes I craft, occasionally I cook, I write when it's quiet, and I'm always Momma.This is my blog.I keep it real while still seeing the rainbows and butterflies in all of life's lessons.
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      My parents are both avid readers as are my husband and myself. So far the middle two love a good book as well. I look at it as an excuse to purchase scholastic books.

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    I used to read quite a lot. No time now. I’d rather get a workout in if I had free time or just a moment to watch some TV just to relax. So far I’m too busy :)

  2. ascendingbutterfly says

    I still love holding a ‘real’ book in my hands, I still haven’t switched to digital books yet because of it!

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    Book lover here too! I grew up in the library reading everything I could get my hands on. While I love the feel of a book I like the convenience of digital books. Plus they don’t take up as much space. Even though I never go back to read a book, I have a hard time letting it go after I purchased it…so digital helps, a lot – though I still have over 200 books in boxes!

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